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Useful Jenkins is a contemporary acoustic band with a foundation rooted in bluegrass, and readily taps into other genres, such as folk, funk, rock, and hip hop.  Their music generates emotion and sends a message to a wide range of listeners, giving them an eclectic group of followers from all walks of life.  The band is a 4 piece at its core (bass, lead acoustic, rhythm acoustic, mandolin) and has currently been integrating the violin as a fifth melodic layer.  4-part vocal harmonies accompany the wall of stringed instruments, leaving listeners with a strong, clean, and unique sound.  Useful Jenkins thrives on energy; they flourish in the moment and have an unmatched resonance with the crowd.  While frequenting Minneapolis, MN, the band was established in, and currently resides in Mankato, MN.

Formed as a 5 piece band in 2007, Useful Jenkins remained under-the-radar during their first few years performing.  Open mic’s and campfire jams were their source of inspiration, which allowed them to form a strong and intimate bond between band members and fans alike.  As their message grew, so did the network of friends who supported their direction.  In February of 2009, the band released their first full-length album “Fast Eddie” which was the catalyst for their initial, and continued success in the Minnesota music-festival scene.  Their second album, “Festival Express,” was released in September of 2012.  It provided a more dynamic sound by capturing the raw bluegrass elements of “Fast Eddie” and combining them with funk and soul.  Useful Jenkins continues to write and create music, on pace to release their third album in the spring of 2015.

The best way to experience Useful Jenkins is live in concert.  Whether you are barefoot at a festival or standing shoulder-to-shoulder in a theatre, you will undoubtedly feel the pulse of their music and leave the show with a smile on your face.  Their songs are memorable and easy to relate to, leaving them stuck in your head long after the performance.  So if you are a sucker for acoustic music with a strong message, do yourself a favor; call up a group of your closest friends, clear your calendar, and go see Useful Jenkins.  It’s a moment you will not soon forget.

“The world is flat and we’re alone,

tape up the windows and the doors,

and we’ll be just fine, most of the time”

Useful Jenkins









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don’t park in the grass, don’t feed the bears, don’t piss in the wind, and don’t eat yellow snow

Useful Jenkins


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“Everybody on the bus” 

“How do you get down?”

Useful Jenkins


Back on Track

Greetings from Useful Jenkins!! It feels good to be back on track. We took a break for about 6 weeks, and i must admit, I went a little bit stir crazy. But the last 3 weekends have been fantastic, especially the weekend at the Cabooze, and this past mini-tour with Whitewater Ramble. It means a […]

Useful Jenkins CO Tour

Hello digital World! Feels good to be back in the sweet frozen tundra of Minnesota. We just got off a two week tour to Colorado, and the worst weather we had (by far) was leaving and coming back to the midwest. Blizzard conditions on the way out, and whiteout conditions on the way back. There’s […]

Just Checking In…

Greetings UJ family!! I write to you from downtown St. Paul on a beautiful Sunday evening. I hope all is well, and you are happy & healthy. We took this last weekend off to spend time celebrating away from the stage, and spend some good time with our immediate families. I hope everyone that celebrated […]

Tour Update

This past tour was one to remember! We went from Wisconsin to Illinois to Missouri and finally to Arkansas for Yonder Mountain Harvest Festival! A great time was had by all to be sure, and it went by faster than we could have imagined. We got to play with our good friends Clusterpluck in St. […]

To the end of the festival season…

Oaktoberfest! Yet another fantastic experience at Harmony Park Music Garden provided by Jay Sullivan, MJG Productions and every musician who contributed. Thank you all for such a welcoming event; we cant wait for round 2! Im going to start this week’s edition by stating the obvious: Due to personal reasons Useful Jenkins was not able to perform at […]

Riding the Wake

Over this past weekend the Useful Crew was undoubtably still riding-the-wake created by loving friends and family at Shangri-La. While “The Bus” can be quite the distracting vessel, somewhere between the sporadic bursts of laughter I was able to find brief moments of clarity which allowed me to close my eyes and feel the lingering buzz of the park. In […]

Kickstarter: Festival Express, a new music video for Useful Jenkins

Kickstarter: Festival Express, a new music video for Useful Jenkins Funding Goal: $2,200 Time Period Active: 11 AM July 16th – 11 AM August 16th CLICK HERE TO VISIT THE KICKSTARTER PROJECT    Project Description: This Fall, Useful Jenkins of Mankato, Minnesota will be filming a follow-up to their ‘Waitin to Die’ music video which was released […]

New Website!

Welcome to our new website, and thank you for visiting! We have been working on this for several months now getting it ready to launch, and coupled with our new kickstarter project, we are releasing it on the world. Please leave a comment below to say hi!

“there’s a beautiful world just waiting for you”

Useful Jenkins


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